Artificial eye workshop for young and old

Artificial eye workshop for young and old

17. June, 2019

On 15 June 2019, the RB Meeting, the annual meeting of the Children's Eye Cancer Foundation, took place again in Düsseldorf. Around 300 young and older children, parents, encouragers and other interested parties met for discussions, workshops and lectures on the subject of retinoblastoma. Joint field trips and a large party were also part of the meeting, with which the Children's Eye Cancer Foundation has been providing families affected since 2012 with support and joie de vivre.

Robert Leipold as well as the experienced colleagues Nikolai Weiss and Selina Matschi from the Nikolai Weiss Institute in Kassel enriched the meeting with an information stand on the subject of artificial eyes. Not only did they bring lots of illustrative material, but they also shared their experiences with the guests for an afternoon, answered questions and informed parents and children about life with an artificial eye.

"The RB meeting is a very special event," says Robert Leipold of the Kunstaugen-Institut Leipold in Essen. "For us it is great to see how friendships develop there, how children find new courage and how the diagnosis retinoblastoma forms a strong bond between them. We look forward to being there again next time."

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